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Roommaids is the perfect roommate. We're not looking for a place to live, just a place to clean.
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Instant online booking

Throw a baseball in the air. I bet you can book a cleaning before that baseball crashes down onto your face.


Simple Pricing

Put the tape measure away. The only thing you’ll need to know is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Super PEt Friendly

We love all pets. Go ahead, name a pet. Dogs? Love ‘em. Cats? Love ‘em. Ferrets? Love ‘em.

An up-to-date cleaning company.

We love technology. Sure, it phased out payphones and VHS tapes (two things that will always hold a special place in our hearts), but technology allows us to improve on many archaic practices. Instead of waiting around for an in-home estimate or online quote, we offer flat rate pricing and instant online booking. And maybe phone calls aren’t your cup of tea. No problem. We love texting, emailing, and chatting online.

How It Works


1. Book

Schedule your cleaning and submit your payment all online.


2. Your home gets cleaned

We show up, clean your home, and leave.


3. Enjoy

Celebrate by kicking your feet up and putting down some nachos.

Always on the go? We got you covered.

We understand life can be hectic sometimes and business must be conducted from the back of an Uber or under the table at a work meeting. That’s why we’ve made it possible to book appointments, make payments, and do everything else Roommaids related on your mobile device.

Cleaners you will undoubtedly love!

Often named the best cleaners this and that side of the Mississippi, our cleaners tick all of the boxes – friendly, professional in a non-robot kind of way, trustworthy, dependable, and respectful. They are truly awesome.




“Sabrina did a great job! Thanks to her I came home to a clean apartment for once!”




“Tiffany was incredibly thorough. I can’t recommend her enough.”

“Brad was great and incredibly friendly. He cleaned my home better than I ever have.”

- Danielle B.

Got Questions?

I thought hiring a home cleaner was only for the rich?

That’s just what the rich want you to think. They’re trying to keep this time-saving, happinesss inducing top secret to themselves. Don’t fall for it. You can get a home cleaner if you want to. Anyone can.

Am I lazy for not wanting to clean my own home?

Replace the word lazy with smart in the above question and the answer is yes.

What should I do with all my free time?

That’s the glory of it – you can do whatever your heart desires. For us, we’d probably spend it eating more pizza, spending entire days at the movie theater, going on more roller blading trips, and spending more quality time with our dogs.

Is this a judgement free company?

It is.

Is this one of those scadly clothed maid services?

We’re not, no.

Let us help you. Book now.

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